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How long do Epoxy floors last.

If Installed Correctly, Epoxy floor coatings can last over 15 years without needing any maintenance. Epoxy coatings are strong durable surfaces.

It's all in the prep. If the surface below the epoxy is not prepped correctly, you will most likely experience failures such as delamination issues. Here is how you can avoid delamination issues.

  1. Moister testing the concretes internal levels. How much moisture is transmitted through the concrete.

  2. Proper floor (profiling) Meaning grinding to open the concrete surface so the epoxy can properly bond to the surface.

  3. Relative humidity levels need to be measured to ensure the surface is able to be bonded to. To much moisture in the air will make the surface moisture levels rise. Professional installers will have a high-tech moisture reader to ensure the surface is within the parameters of what's expectable.

When you get these items right and you use a high-quality epoxy, with a qualified installer. you rest assured that you will sleep good knowing your money was well spent!

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