Commercial Sidewalk Sealing cover

Protect Commercial Sidewalks This Winter

Do you need to protect commercial sidewalks from the harsh winters and salt?

Protect Commercial Sidewalks

The definitive answer is yes. Applying salt to walkways along buildings can result in pitting and damage to the concrete surface.

The causes:

  1. Foot traffic on the sidewalk pushes the salt from the middles of the sidewalk outward where it builds up along the edges.
  2. The sidewalk that is closest to the building is protected by the roof overhang. Unfortunately, This prevents rain and precipitation from washing away the excess salt that has been pushed there.

The result: Unattractive sidewalks that will deteriorate at uneven rates.

The solution: Sidewalk Sealer

You don’t want to have to replace your entire sidewalk because a small part of it is crumbling.

Top Reasons to Protect Commercial Sidewalks

The following are all excellent reasons to have your sidewalks sealed:

Protect Commercial Sidewalks
  • Extends the life of the concrete.
  • Provides a safer surface.
  • Protects concrete from weather, oil, salt, fertilizer, and even the sun.
  • Speeds up the melting of snow and ice that may settle on the surface.
  • Keeps the cost of other types of maintenance down.
  • Enhance the appearance of concrete and improves curb appeal.

The #1 Reason Businesses Should Seal Sidewalks: Reduce Disruption to the Flow of Business Traffic

Concrete work in high foot traffic areas can really disrupt business for several days. Getting a new sidewalk and entryway to your business is expensive. Not only the cost of the project itself but lost business while the concrete is being installed and cured. Any business owner would want to avoid having to do this as much as possible. The best way to extend the life of your concrete is with a concrete sealer.

We recommend penetrating sealer on common, non-decorative concrete such as commercial sidewalks. It is an inexpensive sealer that is easy to apply but provides substantial benefits. Sealer is applied within minutes and dries within an hour. It can be done during non-business hours.

Please read Commercial Concrete Sealing: Extend The Life Of Your Investment for more information.

Ready to Get Started?

Precision Concrete is happy to take a look at the areas you need sealing and provide a free estimate. Once the project is approved our team can typically complete the work in one day.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ About Concrete Sealing.