Bid For Concrete Driveway Replacement

Requesting a Bid For Concrete Driveway Replacement – What to Expect

Need a new driveway? Here’s what to expect when you call a contractor for a bid on a concrete driveway replacement.

If you have enough information, especially regarding dimensions or total square footage, a contractor may be willing to give you a rough estimate without actually seeing the driveway. This is fine as long as the project is pretty straightforward. However, most concrete contractors will come out and give you a free estimate. This way, you can ask all your questions and discuss options.

Concrete Driveway Replacement – What to Expect

First, you schedule an appointment to have the contractor inspect the project. The contractor will assess the existing concrete and take notice of any obvious concerns, such as base layer failure or drainage issues.

There may be a discussion about the following things:

  • better base materials
  • the benefits of embedded reinforcement
  • curing options
  • potential damage to planting areas or the lawn
  • how long to keep vehicles off it
  • advice regarding de-icing chemicals
  • the importance of sealing the surface before winter weather arrives

If you’ve never had your driveway sealed – now is the time to consider it – when it is brand new. Concrete sealing extends the life of your investment. Protect your concrete against extreme weather, freeze-thaw cycles, and heavy traffic with a concrete sealer. Learn More.

Receiving Your Bid

The contractor may be able to provide a proposed bid on the spot or email you one soon after. The proposal should have:

  • description of the work to be completed
  • the price of that work
  • details about sealing and maintenance
  • the terms of payment

The project is scheduled once you accept the bid. The contractor will obtain permits if required, and show up right on schedule with both crew and equipment.

Concrete Driveway Replacement Steps

  1. The old concrete is removed. It is hauled away and crushed up so it can be used as base material on another project.
  2. The forms are built and put into place.
  3. The new concrete is ordered.
  4. Placing and finishing begin.
  5. Later that same day you have a new driveway. Large driveways make take two days.
  6. The contractor puts up caution tape or barricades to block any accidental traffic.
  7. Joints are cut in the next day

Sealing a New Driveway

Sealing happens after curing. Properly maintained driveways are typically resealed every 3-5 years which greatly extends the life of the driveway.

The best advice we can give for any concrete project is to use the best practices as defined by the American Concrete Institute, the Portland Cement Association, local building code enforcement agencies, and others. This includes sealing concrete at the beginning to extend its life.

Sealing the Deal

Precision Concrete is happy to provide a free estimate. Our team can typically complete the work in one day.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ About Concrete Sealing.

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