Penetrating Concrete Sealers

The Importance of Penetrating Concrete Sealers

Confused about penetrating concrete sealers? We cover it all here.

Some concrete sealers and coatings serve the purpose of creating visual interest. They can provide the appearance of marble on a casino floor or the speckled look of granite on the showroom floor of a luxury car dealership.

Penetrating Concrete Sealers

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Other kinds of sealers and coatings protect public infrastructure projects from harsh environmental conditions. Many commercial, industrial, and even residential properties have exterior concrete exposed to very severe conditions, especially in the midwest.

There is a growing interest in concrete sealing in the residential sector as more people are becoming aware of the benefits.

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There is also much confusion in this market due to a dizzying array of sealing products offered at big box stores and on the internet. These sealers are formulated for ease of application. Long-term durability is often sacrificed so the retail stores can hit a low price point.

Commercial-Grade Penetrating Concrete Sealers

We are a professional contract company in the concrete industry, so we have access to a network of construction supply businesses that hold distribution rights to professional-grade penetrating silanes and siloxanes. These are the same ones that are widely used around the world to protect valuable concrete assets from damaging environmental conditions. These are more cost-effective and water-repellant than what you can buy on your own. We provide the same sealers used by highway agencies all over North America to protect bridge decks, roadways, parking structures, and airport pavements. They are also used to help historical monuments survive the elements.

Additional benefits of commercial-grade penetrating concrete sealers include:

  • Long-term protection
  • Do not discolor the concrete
  • Do not create a film on top
  • Penetrate down into the capillary pores and reduce absorption in ranges up to 95 percent
  • Do not change the traction coefficient (they are invisible)
  • Penetrating silanes and siloxanes are the best at what they are designed to do. 
  • Sealed concrete will outperform unprotected concrete exposed to severe service conditions.
  • Sealed concrete will last longer too, in every case, and on any project.

Preventing Concrete Deterioration

Any mix design, additive, placement technique, curing method, or topical surface treatment that renders the concrete less impermeable to water will enable the structure to resist environmental degradation for a longer time. This results in extended service life.

Surface scaling of exterior concrete is the world’s single-most common form of surface deterioration. The expansive forces of internal moisture in the capillary pores as it transitions to ice are the cause. This very expensive problem has led to a lot of research in recent years. The simple answers that have emerged focus on three critical factors.

For exterior concrete exposed to cycles of freezing and thawing:

1) Use a low water to cement ratio concrete.

2) Provide proper curing of sufficient duration.

3) Apply a professional-grade penetrating silane or siloxane sealer to the surface to reduce the absorption of moisture and/or chlorides.

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Sealing the Deal

Precision Concrete is happy to take a look at the areas you need sealing and provide a free estimate. Our team can typically complete the work in one day.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ About Concrete Sealing.

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