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- Long Lasting
- Durable
- 2 Hour Foot Traffic
- 24 Hour Vehicle Traffic
- Anti-microbial
- Anti-bacterial

- Chemical Resistant
- 100% UV Stable

-15 Year Warranty

-Variety of Options

-Easily Covers Many Existing Floorings



- Garage Floors

- Basement Floors

- Pole Barn Floors


- Restaurants & Kitchens

- Entertainment Areas

- Restroom Floors

- Service Bay Floors


- Factory Floors

- Warehouse Floors

- Airplane Hangers

Other Services We Offer:


Moisture Is The Enemy!

"Deicing salts will attract moisture from the atmosphere, increasing the saturation of the concrete and therefore increasing the risk of freeze-thaw damage"              ~Peter C. Taylor, PHD.   


10 Year Protection!

Core studies have shown traces of silane present in high traffic bridge Decks for over 2 decades.

Here at Precision Concrete we take great pride in understanding concrete inside and out.  We know that concrete needs to be protected.  The most important thing you can do to protect your concrete is seal it.  Concrete in Michigan is subjected to many freeze thaw cycles putting it at high risk for surface deterioration. Most concrete deterioration is moisture-induced. This is particularly true for concrete subjected to cyclic freezing and thawing while in a saturated condition. Reducing the degree of saturation will reduce the risk of scaling, flaking, spalling and pop-outs. 


"Water penetration is directly and indirectly the cause of the majority of disintegrations in concrete and the degree to which water penetration is permitted by the texture of any concrete is a direct measure of its strength and endurance."                        ~Concrete Engineer Handbook, 1918

Sealed concrete lasts longer.
Moisture is the Enemy!

Precision Concrete
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Here at Precision Concrete, we make
concrete look like new!

Did you know concrete needs maintenance too? your concrete can make it look new again! Removing dirt, mold, rust and tough oil stains will result in the return of your curb appeal.  More importantly, by cleaning your concrete and removing harsh deicing chemicals and fertilizers...moisture will not have the ability to drive chlorides deep into the concrete surface creating unsightly surface deterioration.  Concrete is very porous and soaks up moisture like a sponge which drives these chemicals deep into the concrete causing damage. 



Here at Precision concrete we know decorative concrete. We should since we have been installing it for over 15 years. So when it comes to restoration...we got you covered. 

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